Please, please stop posting free animals There are some sick individuals that troll these ads looking for free animals to harm or use for bait. Especially declawed animals that are defenseless. Really Please find a rescue that can help before dumping your animal with anyone. Animals are for life not just because you have to movehave an allergydont have timeany number of excuses. Please think ab...
Clean blocks of styrofoam that came out of a bed frame package
Old wood framed mirror (this thing is heavy) measuring 45x36. It needs a good home. It used to sit on an old dresser, and now hangs on the wall.
NOTE; AVAILABLE JULY 22. Two matching wood desks in need of a good home(s) and some TLC. Intact and working drawers, some veneer missing, solid wood. If you want them, let me know. They are in my attic and won't be available for pick up until Monday July 22nd.
NOTE; NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL JULY 22. White metal trundle bed (which disassembles) along with two mattress. They all go together. Mattresses are twin/single and in great shape (no stains, urine, etc). Bottom bed rolls out from under the white frame. You can pick it all up on Monday July 22nd. Take the frame and you also take the mattresses.
Big Speaker. It works and Ive been using it but Im pretty sure its blown out. Port Street between Villerie and Urquhart.Also some moving sale leftovers.
Free brown leather couch. On the curb ready to take. Up the street of Seminole Ave and esplanade intersection in Metairie.
This topper fits my Ford Ranger 6 bed. Lock doesnt work, but closes and latches. Heavy and awkward, you probably need two people to lift it. On Louisa St, right at the corner of Chartres.
Hello,May give away or donate Milk Crate for the handicapchurch, school, companies, home, business donate colors, or black, milk crate WelcomePick Up Free, let us know, call , thank you