The mamaRoo is a compact, programmable baby swing. My son loved it, but at some point the mechanism got a hitch in it so it no longer moves smoothly. Someone more handy than me can probably fix it up. Let me know if you're interested!
Amazing T-Cup Pom pups for adoption.TXETn 305x 563x 6139nbspWe have very healthy and lovely male and female T-Cup Pomeranian puppies that we wish to give out for adoption. They are 12 weeks 2 days old ...
Deep two person loveseat spotted on the curb. Cream fabric with pink and silver. A little dirty on the bottom and sides and needs a little TLC but could clean up really nice Not mine, please dont contact me.
I have three pillows left over from old roommates who moved out.
Basic tent for trying out camping. I also have a plastic jug with a spigot for water that I don't really use when I go camping.
I went to Blue Bayou on Thursday and got a 2nd Day Free Ticket. These tickets are only supposed to be used by the same person but they didn't get my thumb print on it or any of my information so ostensibly it can be used by anyone. Expires on 6/27/19. I wouldn't make a special trip just in case they say it isn't valid due to not being completely filled out (but it was stamped with an expiration...
Wood, trim, metal. Come and take it! 2941 Serantine St. On the corner of Rosiere St. Stack is on Rosiere St. Near St. Bernard Ave.
1 large plastic pot, and several terra cotta pots 1 medium, 2 small, and 1 extra small. some with saucers. still dirty, sorry. im moving out in a hurry. on the curb on Melpomene between Annunciation and Tchopitoulas streets.