We have a Christmas special on our gunsafes. They are fire proof with carpet on the inside. Adjustable shelving. Bolts to the floor. Digital and keyed entry.Brand name. HERCULES14 Gun Safe. $300.40 GunSafe. $600.

Bear Aluminum

I have aluminum statues of life size animals.Bear 8 ft tall. $2500Dolphin. $1000Flamingo. 7 ft. $1000Pelican on stump. $1000Eagle on ball. $1000
We have life size aluminum statues. Heavy duty construction.Buffalo. $2000Elk on rock $2000Longhorn steer $1500Lg. Horse $1500Med. Horse. $ $1000Colt. Horse $400Buck deer. $400Alligator $600Horse ls. $500Bells. $300
$10 for a black plastic pot of iron plants, approximately 5 to 6 stems in each pot this plant needs full shade does not like sun great for around trees very hardy plant- can take extreme heat, little water not even freeze or snow will kill it- hence its nickname Iron plant it grows slowly, but will eventually reach each up to 24 tall with 4 wide leaves, and will eventually spreadmultiply to fil...
Finished blooming for the season now, but, when they do bloom, the colors of each daylily are so vibrant and really add a splash of color to your garden $5 per day lily tuberbulbplant great groundcover for winter also perrenials, so theyll always come back and they multiply winter doesnt hurt them, even the harsh winter we just experienced
Pine Valley Farm has just hatched the following chicken breeds baby chicks onlyEaster Egger Americaunas $6These chicks have highly unusual feather colorations, as each one is unique. Produces Green eggs.Black Copper Marans $10Produces Dark Chocolate BrownCopper eggs.California Whites $6Produces White eggs.Buff Orphingtons $6Produces light Brown eggs.Lavendar Americaunas $20Produces Blue eggs.Cr...
Pine Valley Farm has Laying Hens available for sale in various breeds. They are 8-11 months old and are laying beautiful eggs dailyBuff OrphingtonsRhode Island RedsRhode Island WhitesCuckoo MaransEaster EggersWelsummersCall Marilyn for more information.Posting Updated 30919
Full Set of Electric Tools Everything needed to cut, blow and edgeElectric Weed-eater, Blower, Edger. All work as shouldExtraLagnappe Three battery operated tools another weed-eater, a Trimmer and a saws-all. Some of these free items may need batteries. Ill even throw in a really long extension cord.Willing to deliver within 15 miles, or you can come test it.Make me an offer Im cleaning up, so ...