Looking for 5 gallon construction grade buckets or any large plastic trash bins with lids. Any plastic storage bins will work too! Making compost set up an worm castings!
Preferably fall or Christmas colors.
Anyone have any GRE test prep books they don't want anymore? I'll take them off your hands! Thanks!
I'm looking for a backpacking/hiking-specific backpack, as well as a book sack for school.
I'll pick up folding lawn chairs if you have some
Please reply to this post. Merci.
I'm in need of bedroom furniture for a 16 yr old that will be moving with me soon.
In need of a lawn mower or weed eater
I'm looking for an external CD thingy, since my macbook doesn't have a CD drive and I like to burn CDs and such!
I need a small deep feeezer.
Could really use a vacuum cleaner. If you have one you don t use please let me know. Best, Dave
2 tv's were effected by lightning striking. In need of TV for the kids room.
Our Amor Y Solidaridad (love & solidarity) collective house would be deeply grateful for any & all kitchen items including plates & cups, silverware, pots & pans, can openers, cutting boards - thank you so hugely much! More about us @: www.AmorYSolidaridad.com <3
Anyone have a working microwave they no longer need? I can pick up most anytime this week. Thank you!
I am posting to see if anyone has any unneeded baby gear and toys, pack and play, bouncer, swing, bumbo, toys appropriate for ages 3 months to 3 years. Anything you have would be greatly appreciated. I am in Metairie and can pick up. Thanks!
Please help! I am a young, single mother currently living in a shelter. I need everything for my baby (a boy)including a crib. Mya L
NEED 75-100 GALLON AQUARIUM TANK A.S.A.P.! My turtle "hatchling" is now about 6 inches long, and is expected to grow to around 12 inches in length. She has already outgrown the largest tank that we have, but there is currently no room in our budget to purchase a tank large enough for her needs. If you have - or know someone else who has - an aquarium that is 75 gallons or (preferably) larger, p...
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